We understand that innovation is a narrative driven by dedication and passion. As clients collaborate with us to propel their technological innovation, we want to spotlight some of the novel technologies that have utilized our services.

Advanced Osteotomy Tools (AOT)

AOT’s surgical robot CARLO®, the world’s first Laser Osteotome, cuts bone with extraordinary precision in any desired geometry using a cold ablation laser combined with robotics, navigation, and smart software. As the laser allows for contactless procedures it bypasses any complication risks associated with mechanical instruments and enables surgeons to use functional cuts that create interlocking geometries. Learn more >


Carecubes are mobile containment units that isolate infectious diseases – without isolating patients. Infectious disease containment with intervention technology. Designed to keep patients connected, and caregivers safe.  Learn more >


Patch’d uses deep learning and off the shelf wearables to predict sepsis where it starts–at home. Sepsis is a disease that kills more Americans than breast, lung and prostate cancer combined every year. Learn more >

Vasculink App

Vasculink App is an algorithm-based digital health technology designed to assist vascular surgeons in assessing the risk of wound complication for vascular surgery patients. It can be found on the App Store.